#Fyre Festival

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I recently came across Fyre on Netflix.Documentaries like this highlight the false portrayal brands are paying for quick win business.

When the reality is, consumers are increasingly aware of false advertising, and are looking for a brand to partner with that represent their beliefs and interest.

The so called influencers Fyre use are the decay of socialmedia, showing the perils of fad trends modern marketing can fall into; the “influencer culture” can look good at a glance but it often masks the reality of cheap, damaging brands.

I don’t know what is worse about Fyre the ‘entrepreneurs’ being allowed to call themselves entrepreneurs or the state of marketing tactics to the next generation. And don’t forget the agencies that feature as victims, they highlight the dangers of jumping on the influencer culture.

They seemed to have little regard for protecting their businesses all to be seen aligned with these so called ‘influencers’.

It’s worth a watch though!

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