‘It was insensitive’: Burberry apologises for ‘noose’ hoodie after model complains

Posted By: Victoria Rush On:

“The chief executive and chief creative officer of luxury fashion brand Burberry have apologised for putting a hoodie with strings tied in the shape of a noose on its London Fashion Week runway.

The knotted strings surfaced after Sunday’s show when a model complained both before the show and on Instagram, saying the noose not only evoked lynchings but also suicide.”

See The Guardian’s article here.


This one goes too far not to comment.

Who sat in a meeting signed off on the idea of a noose around someones neck?

It took the model complaining! Burberry released a statement saying their staff will receive Diversity and Inclusion training.

Try mental health training? Try wellness training? These kind of problem will fundamentally stem from treatment of staff in the work place and no education or understanding of the effects a brand like this has on the world!

mentalhealth training wellness


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