Why the online influencer industry is going ‘authentic’

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As marketers we must deliver authentic content to consumers.

This week social chain announced that consumers believe less that a quarter of what they read on social media!

“Social media ad spend is set to increase by 40% (+£1.3bn) by 2020. In short: it’s a pretty big deal. But against this increasingly competitive, over-communicated tidal wave of messaging, what is the guiding North Star for brands to cut through the noise and resonate online?” source.

In recruitment it is no different, and it doesn’t just apply to social media. To have positive brand equity your brand identity and perception need to be aligned.

Finally authentic content is becoming the next big thing. It’s no longer about faking it for hundreds of thousands of followers but being real about life and what really matters to you as an individual.

From all the noise, what are the trends in 2019?

  1. Be authentic and distinctive
  2. Engagement pays off
  3. The strive for authenticity goes across the sectors
  4. Bring your internal strategy to life
  5. Stay true to what your business stands for

More here from The Guardian.

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