What is recruitment marketing?

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Welcome to a new video series about recruitment marketing.

What is it? What do we do all day? Are you going mad?

Some of the questions I will tackle in this series.

Today I wanted to talk about what a recruitment marketer actually does.

Anyone who calls themselves a marketer in recruitment knows knows that there are a crazy number of plates to spin, just to get the basics done well but not everybody actually knows what those are.

I like to use the T-shape recruitment marketer, originally by Buffer it is the best description that I can find. It shows the nuances of the role, and all the aspect that are actually involved.

Not only do you have to have a knowledge of recruitment, but also marketing principles and channel expertise as well. There is so much to know, to be involved in and to be an expert in.

t-shaped recruitment marketer

what is recruitment marketing

My point is, that your job isn’t just a post pictures of drinks on social media. No one cares about lunch club last quarter.

This structure is a great way to show your company every aspect of the role and use it to control the narrative of what the marketing department should be doing.

The best part about the model, is that you can tailor it to your strengths and bring in experts in the other areas.

We have to stop trying to do everything though one or two things per quarter, and choose work that complement each other for example:
Job Descriptions and the Recruitment Process
Candidate Experience and Careers
Website Paid Advertising and Community Management

All of these things are related to each other inside the Recruitment Process.

Managing your community, database or social media properly will improve the candidate experience.
Optimising Job Descriptions will improve the Website and again the Recruitment Process.
Paid Advertising drives more of the right candidates to your website and improves the recruitment process, bringing better candidates to your clients faster.

Be smart about your work, do a few things well rather than trying to do everything, badly.

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