Stop Posting Self Serving Content

Posted By: Victoria Rush On:

The Recruitment Marketing Podcast Self Serving Content

🚫 Your job posts on LinkedIn are not working. 🚫

Why? Because posting:
“New job”
“Exclusive mandate”
“Email me @”

It is a self-serving to solve your problem. Not to add value or help candidates. But you’ve only ever seen managers do this, how are you supposed to know better?
You’re not.

Self-serving content on LinkedIn does not work. You have access to information but do not share it. Your market knowledge isn’t a SECRET, it’s the key to every phone conversation you have 🏆

Tell the 5000+ people you’re connected with online. It’s faster than one at a time.

Just saying…Providing value to the market will improve your reach, application rates and reduce time to source candidates.

Or, you keep posting terrible job statuses that only your colleagues like. Feeling popular at work will totally hit those targets… 👍

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