#13 Stan Wasowicz

13 August 2019

Stan is a fantastic character and knows a lot about both the recruitment and employer brand markets.

The topic of personal brands is coming up more and more, as people are finding the voice on social media. Individuals are more important than brands now. As marketers we need to understand how to leverage that.

Stan also talks about how he has driven his career by wanting and needing to be at the forefront of the industry:

🤔Understanding the need for marketing from a recruiting perspective
📈 Building his career as an intrapreneuer
⚙️ Building corporate brands from personal brands
💬 The shift from applications focused to conversations focused
🏆 Marketers need to set areal, clear objectives

Shout outs this week to Bill Boorman for his meet-ups, Scott Millward for introducing us, Antonio for bring Stan into our lives & of course Dan Kelssall.

Can anyone pronounce Stan’s name in English? The best suggestion wins a free Recruitd T a beer!

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