#16 Jeremy Russon

17 September 2019

Meet Jeremy Russon founder of The Talent Tailors and advisor to 10 companies in the recruitment industry.

In 1995 writing an advert was a 15 minute job to stick and advert in a window. 95% of the work was the candidate process.

Now, it is winning the marketing battle, winning the war for talent.

Jeremy brings a wealth of recruitment knowledge from how the industry has changed to some of the brightest start-ups in recruitment.

This week we chat about the importance of marketers and the importance to developing yourself as an individual.

The industry is changing and so is marketing. We need to work together.
📜 From adverts in windows to the marketing battle
🔑 What successful RPOs need to do
💻 The importance of technology in recruitment
☝️ Having the right conversations to get marketing on top
✅ Marketing is 80% of recruitment

Jeremy is a fantastic mentor and worth reaching out to if you need any help with you marketing conversations internally. 

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