#17 Paul Mellor

12 November 2019

Meet Paul Mellor, MD of Mellor & Smith advertising agency.

The average Londoner sees 1000 adverts a day! 89% are completely forgotten.

This week on The Recruitment Marketing Podcast Paul Mellor talks about taking risks and how he got into bed with Amazon.

Mellor & Smith are not a specialist Employer Brand agency – which is what makes them perfect for the industry 🔥

After breaking into with Amazon, Paul shows that successful Employer Branding is not about relationships with job boards, and the industry needs to change its approach to advertising, both in agencies and in-house.

Paul’s hits some really interested points in this week’s episode:

💼 Amazon’s Employer Brand
☣️Taking a risk means different things to different people
🖥️Advertising in recruitment is not just using job board
👍Marketers should be in charge of Employer Branding, not recruiters.
🙅‍♂️No one cares about “a day in the life” videos

Paul is not for the faint hearted, which is what makes him fantastic to talk to.

He is not interested in the fluffy or the bullsh*t.

Only memorable advertising – which we don’t have enough of.


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