#18 Darren Westall

21 November 2019

Meet Darren Westall, Founder of Paiger 🤖.

Darren, ex-CTO of Broadbean, is solving self serving content on LinkedIn.

It’s no secret that for an industry on LinkedIn we haven’t got the hang on content. Or seen it’s potential!

We chat about:

🤦‍♀️It’s Darren’s fault recruiters post ineffective job statuses on LinkedIn
🙏Paiger is designed to help fix that (thank f***)
‼️The importance of personal brands for recruiters
📖Educating recruiter is a marketers responsibility
☠️Generalist recruitment is dying

I forgive Darren for the state of content in recruitment, only because he’s trying to fix it!

In all seriousness, it is a huge downfall of the industry and can be addressed with the right training.

Marketers need to be willing to practice what that preach.

Be the first, learn by doing, start creating better content 🔥


Hope you enjoy!

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