#19 Joanne Lockwood

03 December 2019

Meet Joanne Lockwood, Found of SEE Change Happen.

Joanne talks about her journey, how she is tacking inclusion in the recruitment industry and how belonging should be the real outcome of any diversity & inclusion initiatives.

Recruitment is a industry inherently about excluding people. Getting 100 CVs down to 1.

If you expect someone to cope because they are different that is your privilege, not their problem. Get over it and open your mind.

💼 If you can’t hire different people, change the person who is hiring
When you “feel” someone is wrong you create a bias
🚻 Use gender neutral language to improve job description
📄 Anonymous CVs are creating shock and awe rather than removing unconscious bias
💻 AI is as biased as the humans who programme it

We have become accustom to excluding people, but not including them.

How you make people feel shows how far you are willing to go to include everyone.

In a talent short market, we need to look outside of our norms and look past gender, sexuality, disability and everything else to hire the RIGHT people. Not those who match your current employees.

Inclusions is about how you make people feel.


Joanne Lockwood founder of SEE Change Happen
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