#20 Daniel Fellows

10 December 2019

Meet Daniel Fellows, Founder of Get Optimal.

From his experience at Indeed, Microsoft and Vodafone, Daniel has developed a platform to help develop the best job adverts for recruiters to bring in the right candidates.

In most other industries adverts are built with the best in mind. Offering the best product, service and experience to customer. In recruitment job adverts have been forgotten, left behind while we are “doing well”.

The industry invests millions into job boards to bring in candidates, but you are willing to post poor job adverts because job adverts are at the bottom of the priority list. In a candidate driven market this has to change.

Looking ahead at the bigger picture, Indeed is going to cut over 50% of candidate traffic, now agencies are being reactive to source candidates not proactive.

Recruiters cannot do everything, invest in saving consultants time so they can make more money.

🚀Job adverts are the worst part of being a recruiter
🚀Recruiters are not copy writers don’t expect them to be
🚀If you spend millions on job board why post poor adverts?
🚀It’s a job advert, not a list to Santa Clause
🚀How to build an effective job advert

What Daniel is doing at Get Optimal Content can save agencies hours of copy writing time, bringing in more of the right candidates, improving sales.



Daniel Fellows Get Optimal
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