#21 Recruitment Marketing Trends in 2020 with Victoria Rush

07 January 2020

The Recruitment marketing Podcast kicks off 2020 with an episode from me as I look back at 2019, line up the biggest trends in the year ahead and the Road To 100 Episodes this year.

Year 1 of the show

We spoke to 20 people from across the recruitment industry. Interviews from the biggest and the smallest agencies. It has been a journey both personally and professionally.

  • 20 Episodes
  • 2 continents
  • 2,500 listeners across 11,000 miles
  • Directors, Advisors & Technologies


2019’s top 3 topics what we will see more of in 2020:

Getting the right content out to your audience. Have something to say.
Stop being boring!

Find ways to create engaging video content for social media and your website.
It doesn’t need to be expensive but it does need to be interesting.

Nurturing talent, inbound leads, automated adverts – there are technologies out there to automate any part of the recruitment process. Invest wisely, choose what will impact the bottom line of the business.


My biggest tip from 2019 – Importance of creating meaningful content


#RoadTo100 Episodes:

The first year was amazing but it is time for this show to be about the people listening.

As many of you many know we are releasing 100 shows in 2020!!

This is because I want to make a difference to the industry. To do that we need to speak to more people, understand more about the industry and learn more from people.

The other goal in 2020 is to start holding meet ups and events for us to have the first event/meet up. Bringing the value directly to you LIVE. To do that we definitely need more help from the industry setting up events (as we all know is tough on your own). So anyone interested in being involved hit me up on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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