#22 Akbar Karenga

09 February 2020

We talked to Akbar Karenga, talking about being in the business of beautiful goodbyes.

Akbar joined recruitment because he always wanted to be in the industry. His has experience ranges from SThree, WhiteHat, running recruitment teams in Shanghai his own consultancy.

Akbar is a advocate for recruitment having always wanting to join the industry.

We talk about collecting mistakes to share knowledge with the industry. We can get better together if we become vulnerable with each other.

Advice to recruiters; dig into the mechanics of gaining applications by focusing on those who don’t apply not just who does.

The three biggest decisions in our lives; moving house, getting married (or divorced) and changing jobs.

Close last, not first. Think about sales processes of a large product like buying a car. Getting a new job is a longer process for a candidate. Treat them with the respect they deserve.

Since recording Akbar has started recently joined Founders Factory as a Talent Coach.

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