#26 Tamara Grigg

23 January 2020

Meet Tamara Grigg

Tamara Grigg, Head of Marketing at Video My Job talks about the growth of video in recruitment. How to use technology to build video internally with a smaller budget. Building brand ambassadors with staff.

The industry is falling far behind, the raise of TikTok will show which brands can handle video quickly.

Tamara discussed the hurdles of video and how Video My Job are helping companies get over; being on camera and understanding your ‘why’.

Learning to get over yourself is the first hurdle to starting video for recruitment. Stakeholders and recruiters will always struggle with what they look like on camera the first few times.

They also help you understand your why. Why are you using video instead of other content forms? And how a strategy is necessary to get your video in front of the right audience.

Tamara Grigg
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