#28 Danny Heath

30 January 2020

Meet Danny Heath, Founder of YourGamePlan

Starting in recruitment advertising and publishing Danny is now changing the face of student recruitment. Looking at how the education system let’s down many less fortunate students and how Your Game Plan brings new opportunities to them.

Danny discusses how brands have been complacent recruiting students. Strategies that send reps to 3 to 5 careers fairs a year do not work.

Danny is challenging the traditional student recruitment by empowering students from a much younger age to make empower decisions. Your Game Plan helps students understand what companies do and what industries are about.

Students can learn how to write CVs, prepare for interviews and ultimately make sure students feel confident that they deserve these opportunities. Which is not always available to those who do not ‘succeed’.

For kids who are not school smart you still have an opportunity. Your Game Plan is here to help students overcome hurdles when the traditional exam route and going to university isn’t the only route to a great career.

Danny Heath Your Game Plan
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