#30 Matheos Simou

06 February 2020

Matheos Simou – Design is part of new discoveries and innovation.

Matheos, Director of Onset Brand Consultancy. An experienced designer talking about the importance of understanding the value of design in marketing.

Matt discusses the role of design in recruitment marketing, design isn’t just making images and the importance of designing the right message.

Onset Brand Consultancy has recently released Flippin’ branded – a free marketing resource for marketing strategy in recruitment.

As marketers or designers, we need to position the benefit of marketing to the top. Explain what is worth your time rather than always creating reactive marketing. Understand the different priorities of each person and how your skills can help.

A detailed branding case study in for a healthcare recruitment agency.

Matheos Simou, specialises in brand and design strategy with more than 15 years’ experience working with multinational recruitment organisations creating design and brand experience that inspire commitment and loyalty from employees and customers.

Flippin’ Branded guide is designed for individuals and businesses that want to learn how to define a brand, create a brand position, visual direction and develop a brand foundation to implement branding consistently and effectively within your marketing, advertising and content strategy.

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