#32 Billy Humphreys

13 February 2020

Meet Billy Humphreys, Senior Marketing Manager at MRL Consulting

Billy Humphreys, Senior Marketing Manager at MRL Consulting talks about the changing workforce and being a productive marketer on a 4 day week, recently featured on BBC Radio 4.

How treating your company brand as though it is your personal brand will give you a new perspective on content creation. Building a brand that is your livelihood feels very different.

Billy is great behind the camera and in front of it, performing for the pirates got talent in Jan 2020 and talks about how his time as a performer has made him a better marketer.

Billy has been working in marketing since 2011. He started his career for an events production company working on creative briefs and experiential marketing for theme parks and companies alike. With Billy’s background in performing since a young age, he took to this like a duck to water (his words not mine).

After this, he started working for a digital media agency as a Junior Marketing Executive where he really started to learn his craft. He started making waves within social media marketing before Facebook cracked down on their engagement algorithm and very quickly became an all-round B2C/B2B Marketer.

Billy fell into recruitment marketing in 2015 where he very quickly went from working in a marketing team of 200 to being the sole marketing person…ouch! Billy is now heading up the marketing for MRL Consulting Group across their three global offices.

Billy is all about inbound inbound inbound and has cemented himself as an extension of the recruitment arm…not just the ‘coloring in department!’ Since Billy took over at MRL they have seen a 50% increase to web traffic, a 200% increase from social media and are tracking ‘real’ ROI back to marketing.

Billy Humphreys
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