#9 Jack Dixon

24 June 2019

Apple Podcast

Meet Jack Dixon!

Every marketers worst nightmare – a recruiter turned marketer…but Jack is different!
But there is something different about Jack. He has a marketers approach to recruitment marketing. He was the first to admin he doesn’t know everything so created himself a supportive community of industry experts he could learn from.
Jack encompasses everything that is great about the recruitment industry and shows it is possible to be a great marketer from a recruiter.

We chat about:
🎙️ How Jack created a personal brand and realised marketing was a passion
🎙️ Learning to trust himself  to finish a project
🎙️ Transitioning from Recruiter to Marketer
🎙️ Easy to use marketing tools to support small a small team
🎙️ Creating value add for their clients, offering more than just a sales service



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