#4 Zinzan Clements

21 May 2019

Apple Podcast

Meet Zinzan Clements.

Zin is Marketing Manager at DMJ Recruitment and responsible for marketing delivering the marketing strategy. He has also introduced marketing software into two companies during his career.

He shares his journey moving from a start-up in Australia to the UK recruitment industry, the centre of the world for recruitment.

Zin’s advice lends to all areas of marketing in recruitment, from his experience implementing automation into two different agencies, to how to get started when you joining an agency.

💬 He isn’t afraid to say he’s reading marketing for dummies, but the important thing is that we all need to keep learning. Zin starts each day by taking 20 minutes to read or learn something.

Listen to Zinzan’s episode:
🎙️ Bringing marketing automation into two agencies, proving positive results
🎙️ When you’re starting out nail down your USP, your analytics and data and build from there!
🎙️ Future of the industry, the lift in the gig & freelance economy
🎙️ Get yourself out there and learn something everyday
🎙️ And if all else fails…Always talk bullsh*t

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